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BASIC Longsleeve Shyblue FØDSELSDAG

BASIC Longsleeve Shyblue FØDSELSDAG
24,05 €
⁃ Fine 100% cotton quality
⁃ Beautiful summer color
⁃ Good fit

Long sleeved blouse from our popular Danefae collection. Good fit which gives space for lots of play and movement. The print contains no harmful substances.

NOTE! Birthday Tee is approx.1 year bigger in size than what is written on the print, so 1 year is size 1-2 years - 2 years is 2-3 years, etc. The size you choose is the number that is written on the t-shirt!
The blouses / dresses are available in sizes/prints from 1-6 years. The picture is just an example.

* Pflichtfelder

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24,05 €