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Cattier Paris Ansigts Rens Cleansing Foam

Cattier Paris Ansigts Rens Cleansing Foam

Pris: 100,00 DDK

Special Price 75,00 DDK

This cleansing foam gently cleanses the delicate facial skin. Its ultra-light texture transforms into a fine and ethereal foam for the pleasure of a gentle, soapfree cleansing. Rich in wheat proteins, powerful moisturising and nourishing active ingredients, containing organic rose and cornflower waters, this foam, with its fresh and delicate fragrance, purifies and softens the skin while respecting its natural balance. Perfectly cleansed, the skin is healthy, clean and oxygenated.

Organic rose flower water: soothing, moisturising, refreshing, purifying and astringent, tones and firms the skin
Organic cornflower flower water: refreshing, decongestant and softening
Glycerin (vegetable): moisturising, smoothing and softening
Wheat proteins: protective, nourishing, moisturising, give elasticity and firmness to the skin