Midseason Jackets

Midseason Jackets
Since 2005 Danefæ has designed and manufactured high-quality, technical outerwear for children and adults that is adapted to the whimsical Danish weather patterns. Our colorful and durable products follow, in addition to current European and Danish legislation, a very special Danefæ formula for the child's safety, use of chemicals in production, and the guarantee of durability and beauty,  wash after wash, child after child. All Danefæ outerwear is free of fluorocarbons.
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  1. Danedunderklump Jacket Hot Stuff
    Danedunderklump Jacket Hot Stuff
    €120.00 €60.00
  2. Danekirstine Midseason Jacket Black BOTANICAL
    Danekirstine Midseason Jacket Black BOTANICAL
    €128.00 €64.00
  3. Danehammer Midseason Jacket Chiberta
    Danehammer Midseason Jacket Chiberta
    €133.50 €67.00
  4. Lille pige i stribet regnfrakke
    Danekirstine Midseason Jacket Sonora
    €120.00 €60.00
  5. Danedunderklump Jacket Joyfull
    Danedunderklump Jacket Joyfull
    €120.00 €60.00
  6. Danerose Midseason Jacket Generous
    Danerose Midseason Jacket Generous
    €120.00 €60.00
  7. Lille pige med en stribet regnfrakke på
    Danekirstine Midseason Jacket Icy Hot
    €120.00 €27.00
  8. Danoda jacket Black Fruits
    Danoda jacket Black Fruits
    €60.00 €11.95
  9. Danerosa Mids jacket Dark Indigo
    Danerosa Mids jacket Dark Indigo
    €133.25 €22.00
  10. Danerose Midseason Jacket Flawless
    Danerose Midseason Jacket Flawless
    €120.00 €27.00
  11. Danespejder Parka Khaki
    Danespejder Parka Khaki
    €120.00 €24.00
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