Tall Sheepskin Boots Black

€124.00 €98.75

Real sheepskin boots, made from the best Australian quality from Cozy Steps. These boots are your fast track to warm and comfy feet around the house, out and about in your everyday life, or sheer survival after a heroic winter-swimmer dip! In fact, real sheepskin is temperature auto-regulating, so these boots will keep you at the perfect temperature all year round. The boots have an outdoor rubber sole.

Suede surface protection treatment is recommended.

100% natural sheep skin.


                  Height from top of the sole                                Upper outer circumference

Str. 36                28                                                                                  38

Str. 37                28,5                                                                               39

Str. 38                29                                                                                  40

Str. 39                29,5                                                                               41

Str. 40                30,5                                                                               42

Str. 41                31                                                                                  43,5