Orders are packed and sent every day. All orders will be shipped on the date of order or the following working day. During sales, campaigns etc., a longer duration of delivery shall be expected.

Expected delivery time is around 1-3 days.


Delivery within Denmark by GLS. You will receive a tracking number.

Delivery to a GLS Shop within Denmark costs 5,24 €. Free delivery if you buy for more than 67 €.

Delivery to a GLS business adress within Denmark costs 5,24 €. Free delivery if you buy for more than 67 €.

Delivery to GLS private adress within Denmark costs 8 €


Please note that local import taxes and fees etc are on your own account.

Delivery to countries outside Denmark is typically carried out by GLS or UPS.

You will receive a tracking number including a note in case you are not at home at the time the delivery arrives.

Delivery to countries outside the EU may be subject to local import taxes, which are your responsibility (where applicable).

Germany GLS parcel shop and business:         € 7.50 – free delivery over € 200, GLS Private address: € 9.25.

Holland og Belgium                                                DKK 55/Eur 7,50   Free delivery over € 200

Sweden                                                                      DKK 70/EUR 9.50  Free delivery over € 200

Austria                                                                       EUR 9.50     

France, Finland, and Poland                                DKK 99/EUR13.25

Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Hungary      DKK 150/€20.25

(Note: We do not ship to the Canary Islands)

Norway                                                                     DKK 150/EUR 20

Switzerland                                                             DKK 300/EUR 40

Other countries                                                      DKK 600/€ 81 



All prices are inclusive VAT.

The following payment opportunities are given: MasterCard, Dankort/VisaDankort, Visa, JCB and PayPal. With card payment, the amount will be debited once the package is sent from our address.

If you use Danske Banks netbank, you may choose to pay via „Danske netbetaling“.


Danefæ offers you a 30 days right to return the goods after receipt. If you return the goods, you have to cover the shipping expenses and the goods have to be returned in accurate packaging to:

Danefæ ApS

Højvænget 9A
8330 Beder

Please impart your order number, telephone number and address. You can use the link placed underneath, which leads you to our return note. The return deadline is followed, if you send a note about using the right of returning the goods within the deadline and return the goods within 30 days. It is not sufficient to desist receiving the package.

You can download our return note HERE.

If the goods are delivered to you in a bag or another wrapping, please use it when returning the goods. In case of a shoe-order, please do not use the shoe box alone for the return shipment. Additional wrapping is required, as the shoe-box will be broken otherwise and would not be suitable for future purchases.

We always refund the money of the returned goods. If you want to exchange them into another size, please go to the webshop and make an order for it. This way, you are ensured that the new goods are in stock and can quickly be shipped with an attached. You will receive a credit voucher on the reimbursement.


For orders within the EU, we will refund the whole sum you paid, including shipping costs, in case you return the complete order, once we received the returned goods or documented the return. Beware that only the cheapest standard shipping costs will be refunded. The money will be transferred to the account you used when conducting the order, unless you explicitly wish the amount to be transferred to another bank account. 

For orders outside of the EU, the shipping cost will not be included in the refund.

Danefæ will not require any additional fees unless you return a parcel from outside of the EU in which case the customs and handling fee of a minimum of DKK 128/€ 17.50 will be deducted as Danefæ will be charged this from customs. Please note, that there might be transaction fees subtracted by your bank.

Expenses for return goods back to Danefae ApS have to be covered by the buyer and depend on the chosen distributor and shipping type. You can find PostNord’s rates here: . We advise against just rejecting, or not picking up your package. In this case, Danefæ is imposed to pay additional return shipping expenses. This amount will be offset when refunding the purchase. Beware that Danefæ does not accept packages without direct distribution („uden omdeling“). If you send your package from Denmark, you should always choose „med omdeling“. If we have to pick up your parcel elsewhere, a fee of DKK 100/€ 13.50 will be deducted in your refund. It is your responsibility that the package will be delivered directly to our address and we recommend that you choose shipping with a tracking number.

Value degradation. You are only liable for a possible decrease of the good's value, if it is caused by other treatment than necessary to determine the items characteristics, features and the way it works.

In other words, you can test and try the items, but leave the price tag and do not wear it for longer.

If the item has been used for longer or if the price tag has been removed, you will have to cover the value degradation which can be up to 100% if the item can no longer be sold.

The value degradation of the used goods will be defined by the amount that Danefæ aps can sell it for. This will be decided by Danefæ once the item has been returned.

The costs that occur from determining the value, photographing, describing and setting up the used item in Danefæ’s sales system is on buyer’s expense.

When the inspection of a returned item shows that it lives up to the conditions for returning goods, the sum of the value degradation will be subtracted of the price of the item and the difference will be transferred back to the credit card used for the purchase. The transaction will take a few days.


If, after placing an order, you wish to cancel it, please call us immediately so that we can try to stop the order.

We will also try to stop the order if you send an email, but we can NOT guarantee that this is possible, even if you send the email within a short time. This is because we have people to pack orders in the warehouse until the evening and from early morning, also on weekends, so orders move on very quickly in the system. If we have not managed to stop an order, you can always send the order back. Return postage is at the buyer's expense, unless you have called and received confirmation of cancellation by an employee, and we have sent the order anyway. In this case, we will send a return label.


The laws of shortage or defects, within the Danish Sales/Contract Law are applied to your purchase. You have the right to file a complaint due to shortage of your goods, if these were present at the time of purchase. Please contact in case of any shortage.

Are you not satisfied with the way we have processed your complaint, you can turn in your complaint to “Forbrugerklagenævnet” (Consumer protection), if you have made the purchase as a private person and the amount surpasses 67,50 €. More information about the process under Adress: Forbrugerklagenævnet, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby.

You can also choose to complain via the ODR platform, which is the European Commission's complaint portal . The link can be found here :

A purchase at the webshop is considered as an invitation to make an offer. Particularly, in this context, Danefæ ApS makes aware that the order confirmation from the webshop is generated automatically. It therefore can not be considered as an acceptance of the customer's offer.

Danefæ ApS will also look for errors in prices of goods in the webshop, and reserves the right to cancel orders if the price of this product is listed wrong.


We do not share information with third parties unless it is necessary to complete the order.

All personal information provided by a purchase is treated with confidentiality and is only used to complete payment and shipping.

The information is afterwards stored for 5 years, according to the demands given by the laws of accounting.

For all electronic payments, an encrypted SSL connection approved by PBS, is used. 

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