Drømmer du om at blive vinterbader? Så er det nu, du skal begynde

Do you dream of becoming a winter bather? Now is the time to start

There are many advantages for you as a winter bather. And with a number of products in Danefæs' range, you can make your bath trip even more pleasant.

If you go with a dream of extending the summer and having good experiences in nature all year round, then winter bathing might be something for you. And in fact, right now is the best time to start up.

You may have already taken a trip in the waves during the summer, when the high temperatures in Denmark could cause most heatstrokes, and the need for a cool dip seemed great. And it is now, while the heat of late summer can still be felt in the air, that it is important to hold on and keep going. Keep going in the water regularly so that the body continuously gets used to the cooler temperatures. Before the cold and wind of autumn really takes over and makes it even more difficult to get in.

Keep warm in one Danish Viking thermal bathrobe

In order to get the best out of the swimming trip, the equipment should preferably be in good order. For example, it is important to be able to quickly warm up when you come back up after a trip in the cold water.

Here Danefæs' series of thermal bathrobes Daneviking is an ideal choice. The strong and durable thermal material keeps the heat in and keeps the wind out while also protecting you from a small rain shower. The bathrobes are extra lined with a layer of fleece on the inside, which insulates and keeps you dry all the time. Contrary to other types of bathrobes, which have terrycloth on the inside, which is a material that absorbs the water and can therefore quickly get cold.

The thermal bathrobes are available in several different colours, including the newest winter bathrobe in strong red, which is a beautiful color that lights up the landscape. They are also available in black, navy and pink and with two different floral motifs; Mini Flower and Hemlock (picture at the top of the page).

A characteristic of the coats is also the extra fold at the sleeves, which ensures that with the sleeves unfolded you can keep the heat all the way to the fingertips. In addition, all the bathrobes have large practical pockets, so you can keep track of your things when you're on the beach.


Boost your immune system and gain energy and surplus

Even though it might feel like a bit of an accomplishment the first time, it's worth jumping for a ride in the blue wave. Because the benefits for you as a winter bather are many and can be reaped if you bathe several times throughout the year. For most people, the cold shiver gives a 'rush' of a feeling of happiness when endorphins are released in the brain. So you feel happy and comfortable for the rest of the day and get more energy and energy.

The research also tells about an increased immune system in winter bathers, who become more resistant to infections and disease. Some researchers even believe they can prove that winter bathing prevents type 2 diabetes and strengthens the heart in the long term.

It is certain that winter bathing contributes to your mental health and general well-being, as a trip to the sea helps reset the system and the whole body to that extent. You can even say that the cold water washes away everyday worries and cleanses you of all the impressions in everyday life that can cause stress. So you can start fresh with the batteries charged.

Become a real Viking!

Many winter bathers say that the 'cold shiver' afterwards gives them a warmth in their body, which means that they rarely freeze in winter. Still, it can be nice to curl up in something warm when you put your feet on land again. Danefæ's assortment includes a wide selection of wool socks in varying thicknesses. When winter really hits, however, it is a good idea to choose the completely thick version. Like, for example, Eskimo Gray from Woolwear of Scandinavia, which provides intense warmth and insulation.

As a winter bather – and Viking! - in general, you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather and not let yourself be limited by it. It is part of the overall nature experience you get at the different seasons throughout the year. Feel free to make winter bathing a cozy and social thing, where you can meet up with your girlfriends or acquaintances. Then the bathing session can possibly end with a cup of hot tea or coffee or a bowl of soup.

We also carry both thermos bottles and thermo-foodies for storing and transporting food. Then rain and wind as well as cold winds and snow showers can just come! A true Viking does not let himself be cowed by this...