Egelund Suit Magenta FREJA

€37.25 €19.00
- Cute swimsuit in beautiful magenta color - Effective UV protection - Big print on the chest Classic swimsuit with straps and nice gold Freja print on the chest. The swimsuit has UV protection, which protects the children's delicate skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Use swimsuit with Sahara hat from Danefæ collection to provide extra protection to the head, face and neck. The swimsuit contains no harmful substances and is in the well-known good Danefae quality, which keeps colors, shapes and print even after a lot of washing! Size guide: 1Y = 1-2Y 2Y = 2-3Y 3Y = 3-4Y 4Y = 4-5Y 5Y = 5-6Y 6Y = 6-7Y 7Y = 7-8Y 8Y = 8-9Y 9Y = 9-10Y 10Y = 10-12Y