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Bearpaw-Rosie Toddler Hickory

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100% lambskin and wool lining

Double solid suede

Perfect heat regulation for small feet

BEARPAW is an American brand and second largest manufacturer in the world of beautiful lambskin boots. They are produced from a double faceted suede, unlike other brands that only use single faceted suede. This also means that the BEARPAW quality does not slacken in use and the heel cap also has extra reinforcement. Finally, the BEARPAW boots are NEVERWET impregnated, so that they avoid water and any spills on them.

The boots can be used in frost, snowy weather, for winter bathing, the walk with the dog, slippers or when you jump on the bike for yoga or other sports. Since it is pure lambskin in the neck and soles and 100% wool lining in the upper part, it is a boot that maintains your natural foot temperature and you do not sweat unnecessarily in them. They preserve your natural body or foot heat.

Easy to put on and take off in a hurry.

Internal measurements

Str. 25 – 14.8 cm

Str. 26 – 15.5 cm

Str. 27 – 16.5 cm

Str. 28 – 17.3 cm

Str. 29 – 18.1 cm

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Bearpaw-Rosie Toddler Hickory
Bearpaw-Rosie Toddler Hickory
Bearpaw-Rosie Toddler Hickory
Bearpaw-Rosie Toddler Hickory