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ESS - Playshoe Pink

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Beautiful leather lining
Suede sole
Sits well on the foot

Beautiful boots in a lovely soft leather and with a suede sole.
The flexibility of the suede sole makes walking as close to a barefoot feeling as possible. This promotes a good development of the spine and a good development of the sense of balance. At the same time, the suede sole protects against cold and unevenness on the trip. The elastic at the ankle makes it easy to take the shoes off and on yourself, and makes the shoes sit well on the feet.

Note: A 1 cm growth allowance is recommended.

6-12M: 12.5CM
12-18M: 13.5CM
18-24M: 14.5CM
2-3 Y: 15.7
3-4 Y: 16.7

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ESS - Playshoe Pink
ESS - Playshoe Pink
ESS - Playshoe Pink
ESS - Playshoe Pink