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ORGANIC - Danespire Tee Aquaduct ERIK

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Nice, long-sleeved blouse
Organic cotton
Large, beautiful print

The Spire Tee is a long-sleeved blouse made of the finest organic cotton. The blouse has nice colors and a large, nice print on the stomach. The classic cut makes the blouse sit nicely and comfortably. The blouse is made to be worn, so there is room for play and movement, and the shape, color and print hold up wash after wash.

The Spire Tee is made from the delicious material Organic Slub CL, which consists of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The elastane makes the material stretchy and thus even nicer to wear.

Children's clothing from Danefæ is clothing that children understand. The fun prints and great colors speak to the children. All our clothes are produced based on three core values: quality, consideration and responsibility.
Quality means that there must be room for play and movement, and that the colour, shape and print can withstand wash after wash after wash.
Consideration means that we have very clear standards for the use of chemicals and for the safety requirements our products must meet. All our products are free of fluorides and other harmful chemicals.
Responsibility means that all our items are produced under conditions we can vouch for. We only produce with BSCI-certified producers, which we visit annually.

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ORGANIC - Danespire Tee Aquaduct ERIK