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Shangies Women Dusty Purple

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Dusty Purple
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Shangies is an exclusive and trendy sandal brand, pure luxury for your feet! The beautiful and unique sandals are designed to be durable, lightweight and super comfortable. The soft sole in Shangies is made of a natural jute fabric, which is super comfortable for the feet, and the colored straps are soft, do not chafe and the sandals sit perfectly on the foot. Choose your favorite color from a multitude of beautiful colors!

Your Shangies can be washed by hand and the sizes are as follows:

35/36: 22 cm

37/38: 23 cm

38/39: 24 cm

39/40: 24.5 cm

40/41: 25.5 cm

42/43: 26 cm

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Shangies Women Dusty Purple
Shangies Women Dusty Purple